The remarkable gift of sounding bowls is that they open up a space that invites in conscious listening and deep stillness. I have observed that every time I play or others play the Sounding Bowls it has a centering effect, which brings peace and a connection to stillness within. It is a remarkable experience that slows down and de-stresses the player and all who are listening. For me and for many, what occurs is deeply pleasurable. Each Sounding Bowl brings a unique sound and awakening of the harmony of the wood that has been brought back to life through the strings.

What I offer

Zambodhi Schlossmacher

  • Zambodhi SchlossmacherIntroduction to Sounding Bowls
  • Sounding Bowl courses/workshops (local, regional and international)
  • sounding bowl music in ‘end of life’ care, involving patient and loved ones as appropriate
  • Therapeutic Sounding Bowl Work,
  • Music performances on Sounding Bowls
  • Local regular sounding bowl practice group (Stroud, Glos. UK)
  • Research
  • Sounding Bowls with children
  • Sounding Bowls for children and adults with learning disabilities




Introduction workshop at Hawkwood College, Stroud










I also offer bereavement work using presencing with the sounding bowls.

I co-translated ‘Death and Life’ by Bruno Bitterli-Fürst and Elisabeth Kübler- Ross, Ravare Publishers.

All of my current work is part of my research into the effects of Sounding Bowls on human health and well-being and their therapeutic and creative use.

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