My background

Experience and trainings:

2013-2015:  Practical Skills Therapeutic Education MSc, Ruskin Mill Trust and Crossfields Institute in partnership with the University of West of England. Dissertation “A Reflective Enquiry into the Role of Conscious Listening in my Professional Practice” MSc degree awarded in November 2015. Ongoing workshops, performing at various events and one-to-one sessions in UK and Europe.

2011 – 2012: 18 months of Sounding Bowl therapeutic work.  I was working with adults with learning difficulties and children with behavioural and learning difficulties, some coming from very deprived backgrounds. This was the beginning of developing therapeutic group work with the instruments and research questions forming.

2012: Sounding Bowl workshops, predominantly in the UK and Germany. Performing Sounding Bowl music for weddings, funerals and other occasions.

2011:  Sounding Bowl workshops together with Tobias Kaye.
I have run solo and joint workshops and trainings on issues around death and dying from 2002 – 2007. Since 2007 I have been working increasingly with Sounding Bowl music and provided sessions for people affected by terminal illness and their families. I also ran workshops and staff trainings on NVC (Nonviolent Communication, developed by Dr Marshall Rosenberg).

In the last eight years the use of Sounding Bowls in End of Life Care, in private homes, hospitals, and care homes, Hospices and developing music for funerals, memorial services and other rituals and ceremonies expanded.

Prior to that therapeutic movement work; nine years as Eurythmy Therapist at a local GP practice two years, at Ruskin Mill 4 years and Cotswold Chine School nine years. In total 30 years of experience in caring and therapeutic roles, 20 years in the UK and the previous 10 years in Sweden and Germany, working with people aged 3 – 100.


MSc Practical Skills Therapeutic Education (UWE in partnership with Crossfields Institute (Masters degree 2015, Merit)
Bereavement Counselling (Diploma 2012, Stonebridge Associated Colleges, Distinction)
NVC intensive course with Dr Rosenberg (Findhorn 2005)
NVC Foundation training (London, 2004)
Social Work (UWE, Diploma 2002)
Mental Health Seminar (UK and Ireland, Certificate 2003)
Children’s Bereavement training with Winston’s Wish (Gloucester, certificates 1998)
Eurythmy Therapist (UK, Diploma 1993)
Eurythmy Teacher and performer (Sweden, Diploma 1989)
Steiner education (State recognised Certificate, equivalent to A -levels, Germany 1980)

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