“Very beautiful – very peaceful – very suitable for meditation”.
Lama Yeshe Rinpoche (founder and vision holder of the Holy Isle Project)
Holy Isle

“I recently had an opportunity to hear Zambodhi perform a piece on two sounding bowls. I was instantly transported into a sacred space in which time did not have an impact. The space was filled with light and blessings and the fact that the instruments were amplified did not make the slightest difference. Even now, memorising the occasion, I can re-enter that space.”
Wedding Guest UK

“When I first saw a sounding bowl, I thought it was a beautiful yet humble instrument, but I was unprepared for the amazing and entrancing sound that it produces. It is a clear yet rich sound that allows the listener completely to get lost in the music. My 3 year old daughter stayed completely still for whole of the piece of music, which is a tribute to the calming influence of the instrument!”
Wedding Guest, UK

“I can easily see that this instrument can be used for calming and meditating by anybody – even without musical education/training.”
Workshop participant, Germany,

“At the end of the workshop I felt enriched and relaxed.”
Workshop participant, Germany,

“What I liked about the day was that the experiences of listening mirrored my life experiences. At the end of the day I felt more relaxed, pleasant and ‘given to’.”
Workshop participant, Germany

“I felt different at the end of the day, being open to the possibilities of new sound-experiences.”
Workshop participant, Germany

“I could feel how everybody in the congregation was drawn into a ‘listening space’ with the simple sounds of the Sounding Bowl at the beginning of the service. This seemed to heighten the level of presence in the entire congregation. Several congregants said the same after the service.”
Aaron Mirkin, Priest at the Christian Community, Stroud

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